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 n nogge torney report

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PostSubject: n nogge torney report   Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:55 pm

So.......torney report
Round 1: scraps vs darkworlds
Game1: I go first. I open alright, with spy and lots of power cards like monster reborn etc. His turn, he sets 3 cards and activates dragged down, sending my heavy storm to the grave, and revealing broww and snoww. I choose brow, he draws two. He activates lots of dark world dealings and that field spell, in the end he has 4 cards in hand. He activates one of his set cards, card destruction, discrading my nice and and all his dark world monsters he's been stockpiling with snow. He gets out a grapha and 3 backrow. I scoop next turn because I drew jank.
Game2:I go first. I set a dd warrior lady and 2 backrow. He opens mediocre and sets a few things and plays dragged down, revealing his grapha and brow. I I discard grapha, he pops a one of my backrow , summons grapha, attacks into a d-prison. My go, I draw a revorn tengu and win soon after.
Game 3: he goes first. He once again opens pretty bad, and trys for a first turn grapha, but I have a crow. Next turn I summon kycoo the ghost destroyer and and the following turn a scrap dragon. He loses soon after.
Round 2: machina gadget
Game 1: I go first. I set a dustshoot and scrap goblin and scrapstorm. His turn I dustshoot, revealing 6 spell and traps. -_- wow. O well, I just played around his stuff and win in like 2 turns.
Game2: he summons a gadget, set 2. I summon reborn tengu, attack, it goes through. After a few turns I have him on the run, even though I haven't seen a tuner yet. He sets a monster, and I know it must be a machina peacekeeper, which could cause problems. I wait it out, but he ko's it into my kycoo, then summons a machina gearframe to search the big thing, summon it and unions them. My go, I have dark hole and a chimera in hand. gg bro
Round 3: me vs karakuri
Game 1: he opens super broken and my weaklings can't keep up.
Game 2: I manage to scrape a victory by luck more than anything really.
Game 3: he has thunderkings and stuff I can't get over. I manage to make a barkion and a scrap dragon, but for nothing. He explodes a few turns down the line.
Round 4: chaos agent salvo
Game 1: I scrape a victory due to scrap dragon being able to revive a scrap beast even when solemn warningd Smile
Game 2: he sided in dd crows, which just killed all my power plays
Game 3: see game 2
Round 5: chaos
Game 1: he's dimensional alchemists can't stand up to main decked kycoos and scrap dragons and mwahahahahahaha I win
Game 2: he manages to give me a challenge, keeping me on the ropes with honest and summoning bls and multiple chaos sorcerers. He ends up making a stardust, which dominated me 4 a few turns, but I topped a tengu which allowed me a 4star nontuner for scrap dragon
Top 8: chaos (different guy)
This guy hey. He's been asking to duel me all day. He should be careful what h wishes for.
Game 1: his turn, summon thunderking set 1. Attack into my spy, I fetch descendant. My turn. Descendant destroy backrow. Summon beast, mind control raioh, sync scrap dragon. Call of the haunted beast, sync with the gk to stardust. I win a few turns later
Game 2: tight games. He always has big stuff I can't get over, and just dominates me. When I do summon scrap drag, he summons a phantom dragon. Wtf. He beats me though.
Game 3: he summons alchemist set 2 end. I'm all like herp heavy storm derp mind control beast scrap dragon loface. His turn: neo spacian grand mole -_-. Wow. Ok, my hands still tight, so summon kycoo attack end. He moles again. I draw tengu. he sets a monster. I call summon beast, sync scrap dragon, pop facedown reaper. He's like ok mirror force. I'm like end phase call scrap drag. He's like ok dark hole and stuff. I'm like Sad. I try and survive really hard, make a few plays and he solemns himself down to 150 lp, then makes a big play with phantom drag thunderking and alchemist on the field. I realise I can just summon beats and attack over alchemist ftw but I made this huge play potting my stuff back and drawing into dark hole and summoning scrap drag and reborn tengu with monster reborn and just overkill him.
Top4: karakuri guy again
Game1:He opens really bad and I have him like 2 turns later
Game2: he opens ok, I open bad. He beats me down and eventually gets out those damn syncs that change battle position. I'm deperately trying to survive but he's like NO! And just explodes again.
Game3: I summon beast set two end. He makes naturia beast and attacks int d-prison. he sets 2, I end phase scrap storm, getting chimera. I mst he's solemn, make scrap drag, and just win like a few turns later.
Finals: agent chaos salvo guy again
Game 1: he trys some stuff, but I have all the outs with solemns and stuff. Kick he's ass.
Game 2&3: d.d crows just dominate me. I was told afterward that he cheated when he dd crowd while I had a kycoo on the field, but it was 2 late already. I pull jank and he pulls wind up rat and other holos. Nice -_-
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PostSubject: Re: n nogge torney report   Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:22 pm

Firstly, well done on your finnish. Secondly, order of chaos boosters already?! When's the sneak peek or release tournament? Looking for hanzo's.

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PostSubject: Re: n nogge torney report   Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:01 pm

I think the only good ninja thing that was pulled was the white dragon thing and some of those ninjitsu art supers that stop attacks and stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: n nogge torney report   

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n nogge torney report
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