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 11/06 locals report

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PostSubject: 11/06 locals report   Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:02 pm

My local report:}
round 1
me(dragunities) vs ycs netdeck man
game 1: i open with reborn, phalanx and ravine, with 0ther unimportant stuff. I end with a first turn stardust and no backrow. He sets a monster and ends. I synch vajryana, equip aklys, pop monster and dubl vajs atk. I m0nster reborn my earlier vaj from first turn stardust and otk.
Game two
i remember he stalls with pyraimid turtle, tries to bring out tytaniel and at one point trys to debris my field, but the fact that my in hand effect veilers, facedown bth's and thought ruler on the field meant he couldnt do much without me stopping him.
Round 2: me vs psychic remove from play merchant thing
game 1:
i bring out beaters early and a well timed red dragon archfiend nets me a plus 4 and he cant recover.
Game 2:
he first turn barkions+beast me. I set penguin soldier and 3 traps. He synchs brionac and bounces my pengi, i scoop.
Game 3
i remember ie just set stuff that milled out his deck. I attacked into a merchant that made him deckout. Good ygos ftw!
Round 3:me vs dispised(gb)
game 1:........he second turn scoops....4get y
game 2:he sets monster and backrow. I stardust attack, set backrow. He darkholes, i negate with stardust. He summons hoplomus in atk mode, i torrential, he scoops. Second turn scoop ftw!
Round 4:me vs mirror man
game 1: his dragunity deck is m0re aggro compared to mine, so he kinda just out aggros me and wins.
Game2: i win with trident dragon.Trident dragon, making no0bs win since dragunities became competitive;).
Game 3: we both somehow end up top decking, and he gets stardust. My draw: soul release. Im saved! Not. I lose
Round 5:me vs dragonite(ycs netdeck)
game 1:he trishes me a paar times and i lose
game 2: after some mind games, i trident dragon him. Gorzless hand forthelose!
Game 3: the reason why he is known as the chuck norris of ygo. After a few turns, i end up with thought ruler and 2 effect veilers inhand with ravine on field. He summons chaos sorc and uses effect. I effect veil. Hes like u cant have 2 effect veliers, and call of the haunteds a spore and tries to blackrose. I veil. Hes like well done, but im awesome. Summon lonefire, search glow up, synch scrap dragon, blow up his coth and mx ravine, and attackr ouer thort. I lose.
Top 8: me vs dispised.
Gives me the win bcos i embarassed him too much earlier on.
Top 4: me vs gk
game 1
he royal tributes, and i haue no stuff, while he discards a recruiter. I cant capatilise due to no monsters and lose. I hear stele wins games.
Game 2: he sides 2 d.d crows, 2 banishers, 2 chain disapearance am0ng 0thers. I lose so hard its not even funny.
Overall, great tournament
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PostSubject: Re: 11/06 locals report   Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:52 pm

Awesome stuff man! Penguin soldier is so pro.

What did you pull again?

But you got some stuff wrong; your first round guy built his deck after looking at the YCS top. I netdecked the YCS guy. Well me and peado.
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Join date : 2011-06-13
Posts : 29
Age : 24
Location : there

PostSubject: Re: 11/06 locals report   Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:08 pm

Thanx chuck norris. I pulled jank btw....but thats gna change when i go undefeated at the R100 tourney, thereby saving the world from complete destructi0n and mayan predictions, while standing triumphantly as a building explodes in the backround. And maybe pull something nice:)
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PostSubject: Re: 11/06 locals report   Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:23 pm

Lol, dispised folds because I embarrassed him... Epic joke we will see this weekend what GB really do against dragunity. Hahaha, I didn't feel like playing drags and I had to leave to collect girlfriend(validate excuse) So I eagerly await your loss. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: 11/06 locals report   

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11/06 locals report
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