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 Random Report

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PostSubject: Random Report   Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:52 pm

Ok so i decided to make this report on Wednesdays locals, because i am really bored Razz so anyway Alex(Frogsage and I) decided to use each others decks for the day, with him using my Inzektors and me using his Dark Worlds. We were playing 3 rounds to top 8

Round 1 Irshaad Parker (Dark Worlds)

Game 1: We both knew this was going to be a horrible game before we even started, I ended up taking advantage with a dragged down and a mind crush early game and just kept poking with Grapha with neither one of us willing to activate Dealings

Game 2: I opened badly, he gained to much advantage

Game 3: Sided in my Ravens, i gained so much advantage via Trans Archfiend and won fairly easily

Round 2 Tim(Sams) 1-0

Game 1: He opened pretty broke i lost in second turn

Game 2: I gained to much control via gates, he couldn't keep up

Game 3: Good game, we both ended up top decking with him managing to get out a Shi En to win the game

Round 3 Zain (Machina Gadget)

Game 1: Got out 3 Grapha, enough said

Game 2: Sided in Deck Devs, drew into them, and used mind crush on his main cards, easy win

Top 8:


Top 8 Bevon(Quickdraw)

Game 1: I opened all traps he summon to many beaters, i couldn't keep up

Game 2: Deck Dev put into work, Grapha destroyed his backrow and i gained control

Game 3: It was a long game with him getting me down to 800, but i finally drew into a Beigge, used gates to summon him, bounced for Grapha activated deck dev and repeated, his traps stalled for 3 turns, i remember he top decked something good, but i had another deck dev waiting.

Top 4:


Jason (Rekindling Gadgets)

Round 1: I opened badly, couldn't keep up with his constant gadget plays

Game 2: Tight game, Deck Dev won it for me

Game 3: I couldn't get going i had only a grapha on the field no hand cards a skill drain and a mst, he had Gearframe and 4 backrow so i decided not to attack, He drew a smash and went on to win the game and i think tournament.

Anyway it was a fun tournament , at least i am receiving 1 Battle pack booster.

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Random Report
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