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 Undefeated in Swiss Rounds!

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PostSubject: Undefeated in Swiss Rounds!   Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:48 am

It’s my first tournament since Nationals.

Round 1: Ashraf Peck (Gravekeeper’s)

Game 1: I summoned Shi-En, set Solemn Warning and passed. He activated Pot of Duality and chose Necrovalley. He activated, set 4 cards, and activated Royal Tribute – I negated it. I summoned Barkion next turn, and he folded. (I know Necrovalley negates its effect, but had I done nothing, he could’ve easily got Torrential Tribute and I could’ve been in trouble).

Game 2: He set 4 cards to his back row and ended. I summoned Kageki, then Kagemusha, and he chose to Book of Moon the Kagemusha. I set one and ended. He then summoned Descendant, attacked, and I activated Malevolent Catastophe. I won a few turns later thanks to Shi-En.

Record: 1-0

Round 2: Bevan (Plant Synchro)

Game 1: I opened broke. Ended with a full field and he could do nothing.

Game 2: He set a monster and a back-row. I summoned Shi-En, attacked, and found out it was a Kinetic Soldier. I set one and passed. He activated MST, to which I negated. He then attacked over my Shi-En, and Monster Reborn on my Shi-En sealed the deal.

Game 3: I opened broke.

Record: 2-0

Round 3: Yaseen T. (X-Sabers)

Game 1: I opened with Shi-En, because it’s what my deck does. Set 2 and ended. He set a monster and two back-row cards and ended. I flipped Double-Edged Sword next turn, summoned another Shi-En, special summoned Kizan, normal summoned kageki, then kagemusha came out, and then a Trishula!

Game 2: I drew almost no monsters. Boggart, Ragigura and Faultroll sealed the deal.

Game 3: Read game 1.

Record: 3-0

Round 4: Uqail Abrahams (Six Samurai)

Didn’t play. We just ate lunch, and the win was mine.

Record: 4-0

Round 5: Yasu Fujiwara (Six Samurai)

Game 1: He goes first and has a full board, with Gateway, Six Samurai United was used, and a set card. I activate Smoke Signal, fetch Kagemusha. Get Black Rose Dragon, and set Solemn Judgment. Next turn I had Shi-En.

Game 2: He summoned Kageki, special summoned Kizan, set 2 and ended. I activated Giant Trunade, normal summon Kizan, special summon Grandmaster and I won a few turns later.

Record 5-0

First after swiss.

Top 8: Muneer Cassiem (Lightsworn)

Game 1: Opened broke.

Game 2: I remember having Naturia Beast and a Rivalry of Warlords. I then attacked with Naturia Beast and ended. He was then up, asked, “How many cards in-hand?” I knew he must have had Judgment Dragon, activated D.D. Crow on the Lumina. He ended. Naturia Beast then got destroyed in his turn, due to me calling Warrior. I then summoned Kageki, then Enishi, then Kizan. I then attacked with all of my monsters, dropping him to 200 life-points. He activated Giant Trunade, summoned Judgment Dragon, declared an attack, and I used Enishi’s effect. He summoned Judgment Dragon again, sent Wulf in the end phase. I then summoned Brionac, and attacked over Wulf for game.

Record: 6-0

Semi-Finals: Zain (Machina Gadget)

Game 1: Drew nothing.

Game 2: He top-decked Machina Force.

Record: 6-1

Great tournament! Went home with 7 boosters. Great organization and I made a few trades, and bought a few stuff.

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PostSubject: Re: Undefeated in Swiss Rounds!   Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:33 am

I didn't see you in the finals yesterday
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Undefeated in Swiss Rounds!
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