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 What you should know

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PostSubject: What you should know   Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:16 am


Yo dude's. there still isnt anyone using the forum which is fine.....whatever. I wanted to do a vid on youtube for this stuff but unfortunately I currently don't have any of my cards with me so thought a vid of me just talking.....(not like that wasn't my last vid) would be really boring. so I decided to post it in the forum.

At destiny there were a few things i noticed that was happening around me. The first was that TIRION THE MAGE almost won the torn! but other than that allot of the newer guys havnt really picked up some of the more technical aspects of the game. Not really difficult to understand but I assume its due to the fact that no one has talked about it or explained how those things works. So this thread is going to be for that exact purpose. If i get some cards then it would prob be a vid coz its easier to to understand visuals than text but for now this will do.

The fist major thing I need to talk about it spell speed.

Most of us understand what this is and once again if you do then go wank off somewhere...im not talking to you.

Spell speed is the speed at which cards activate and more importantly it allows you to understand when thing work, how they work and why they would or wouldn't work. Knowing that means that you can make your decisions better during a match so you don't end up wasting unnecessary cards and better yet reason out key strategic moves that will work.

There are 3 different spell speeds in yugioh.


are cards that you have to activate usually an ignition effect in monsters (chaos sorcerer), normal spells (monster reborn) , continuous spells (gateway of the six), field spells (necrovalley), ritual spells (advanced ritual art) and equip spells (axe of despair). if in a chain they will only be found at the beginning of that chain.
e.g MONSTER REBORN - it can only be the first link of a chain. monster reborn cannot be chained to another effect like mst or tour guide ect. it can only be activated in your turn. normally in your main phase one or two. Chaos sorcerer's effect cannot be chained in response to your opponents call of the haunted during your battle phase. summoner monk cannot be activated in response to your opponents torrential tribute. gateway cannot be activated to your double edge sword technique during your opponents turn.


are cards that can be chained most often. they usually consist of trigger effects/quick effects quick play spells and traps. Most trap (as long as there requirements are met) can be activated in a chain thus making them spell speed 2 (note that is only applies to traps that are not already active. in that case if requirements are met then they would probably have a trigger effect (royal oppression).
e.g your opponent activates mst and you chain call of the haunted, you opponent normal summons a 1500 atk or more monster...you activate bottomless trap hole.....he chains royal decree, your opponents activates a monster effect in his main phase....you chain fiendish chain.....he chains forbidden lance....you chain effect veiler....so on. all of these chained cards are spell speed 2 effects. spell speed one effects cannot be chained in response. e.g heavy storm cannot be chained in response to your opponents fiendish chain in your battle phase. you cannot chain monster reborn to your opponents dd crow. you cannot chain for necrovalley to his call of the haunted ect


The shortest list of spell speed cards as most cards are ether spell speed 1 or 2. The only cards that are spell speed 3 are counter trap cards. The most famous ones now days would be solemn warning or solemn judgment. they are part of the fastest group of cards and because of this they are some of the most powerful cards. only spell speed 3 cards can be chained to them. if a spell speed 3 cards is used in a chain against you, unless you have a counter trap (spell speed 3 card) yourself you cannot chain anything further after that.
e.g your opponent summons a monster. you solemn warning it....he cannot respond with forbidden lance or royal decree. only a counter trap can be activated. If he has a seven tools of the bandit, then he is able to activate that as it is a counter trap card.

Note that lower spell speed cards cannot be activated in a chain with higher spell speeds. e.g spell speed 1 to spell speed 2 cards or spell speed 2 to spell speed 3 cards. the same applies to spell speed 1 to spell speed 3 cards.

All cards follow this formal regardless. in the event of an effect that is a trigger effect that activates with spell speed 3 cards e.g bountifull artimus there effect is triggered after the chain involving the counter is activated and resolved thus starting a new chain. luckily most people wont run into this technical issue as there are very few effects triggered by spell speed 3 cards in the game.

let me know if theres anything you would like me to explain...or messed up on as usual or an idea for the next topic. prob gona talk about types of effects next and/or maybe timing of cards.

Coool Stuuuuuffff

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What you should know
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