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 trade list

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Niven Singh


Join date : 2012-02-04
Posts : 12
Age : 22
Location : gauteng , veriniging

PostSubject: trade list    Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:52 am


Secret rare
Gagaga girl
Gilford the lightning
Mist vally shaman
Mist vally soldier
Grandmaster of the six samurai
Invader of darkness
Overdrive teleporter
Necro gardna
Ninja grandmaster hanzo
Chaos hunter

2 legendary six samurai enishi
Space time police
Lantinum exarch of dark world
Reigh beaux overlord of darkworld


2 six smurai zanji
Six samurai kamon
Six samurai irou
2 tuningware
Six samuria yaichi
Malefic blue eyes
Space time police
3 poseidra the atlantean dragon
Earth bound immortal chacu challhua
Silent swordsman lv 3
Ignoble knight of black laundsallyn
Armed dragon lv 10
Strong wind dragon

Malefic stardust
3 atlantean dragoons
2 synchron explorer
The tyrant neptune
Genex ally Chemistrer
Aurkus lightsworn druide
Crystal beast amber mammoth
Meklord astro dragon asterisk
Evoltile elginero
Symphonic warrior drumss
Battle fader
2 silent psychic wizard
2 quillbolt hedgehog
The winged dragon of ra
Absolute crusader
Enishi shiens chancellor
Dark necrofear
Winged rhynos
Mist vally executor
Neo parsharth the sky paladin
Super crashbug
Wind up rat
Crystal beast emerald tortoise
Worm king
XX saber darksoul
2 ceruli guru of dark world
Prime material dragon
Genex neutron
Level eater
Hand of the six samurai
Dark simorgh
Gravekeepers priestess


2 tour guide from the underworld


Hero flash secret
Super polymerization rare
Emergency teleport ulti
Crystal beacon secret
Advanced zone secret
3 call of the atlantrans
1 gateway of the six super
Shrink super
Synchro blast wave super
Infected mail super
Temple of the six super

Starlight road secret
The golden apples secret
Psychic overload ultra
Crystal raigeki super
Destiny signal super
Hero signal super
2 dark bribe super
Discord super
Armor ninjitsu of rust mist super
Sprurtual light art hijiri super
Double edged sword technique ultra
Void trap hole super

Thermal genex
Windmill genex
Geo genex
Majestic stardust dragon
Psychic nightmare
Naturia landoise
Naturia beast
Naturia barkion
Mist wurm

Revived king ha des
Thought ruler archfiend

XX saber gottoms
Hyper psychic blaster
Overmind archfiend
Road warrior
Junk destroyer
Junk archer
Junnk warrior
Legendary six samurai shi en
Trident dragion
Blackwing armor master

Psychic lifetrancer

Elemental hero absolute zero super
Masked hero acid secret
Masked hero dian secret
GB heraklinos super
Ultimate axon kicker super
Dragon master knight ultra

Number 10 illumikinght secret
Wind up zenmaister ultra
Number 34 terror byte ultra
Number c39 utopia ray

3 jurrac guaiba
1 gold sarcophagus
2 card trooper ultra rare
2 ryko (gold or super)
3 lyla lightsworn sorceress ultra
1 honest secret or ghost
3 solar recharges
1 maxx c
1 charge of the light brigade secret
1 chaos sorcerer ultra
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Niven Singh


Join date : 2012-02-04
Posts : 12
Age : 22
Location : gauteng , veriniging

PostSubject: Re: trade list    Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:56 am

Oh and I'm also looking for a royla decree
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Join date : 2013-06-04
Posts : 2
Location : Northriding Johannessburg

PostSubject: Re: trade list    Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:30 pm

How much for all of your six samurais and six samurai support cards?
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PostSubject: Re: trade list    

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trade list
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