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 trade list jascha

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PostSubject: trade list jascha   Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:15 pm


This is everything i have currently. I do collect fairy's so keep that in mind as I will trade my fairy's but prefer to keep them. will only accept trades with track-able shipping.



flamvell magician x3
neo flamvell hedghog x2
laval volvano handmaiden x3
laval blaster x1
gem knight obsidian x1
gem knight crystal x1
vylon charger x1
vylon prism x1
vylon stella x1
vylon tesseract x1
vylon vanguard x2
vylon cube x1
vylon stigma x2
steelswarm genome x1
hammer bounzer x2
maxx c x2
goblin zombie x1
ls wulf x2
ls ryko x1
ls garoth x2
ls shire x2
agent saturn x1
hicatrice x4
trust gardian x1
gardian eatos x2
asura prist x3
hanewata x2
counceler lily x2
dd sprite x2
majestic mech goru x3
valkeria of the nordic accendent x1
banisher of the light x1
archlord kristya x1
agent mars x3
harves angel of wisdom x3


sephilon the timelord x1
gyakutemo magami x1
gardian angel joan x1
van'delgion x3
arcana force ex liught ruler x2
archlord zerato x3
airknight parshath x3
agent saturn x2
thunderking ryo x1
card trooper x1
tragodia x1
chaos sorcerer x1


laval lady x1
judgment dragon x2
mezuki x1
puppet king x1
honest x1
ma'at x1
fraya x2
tualatine x1
athena x3
arcana force ex dark ruler x2
nova summoner x2
neo parshath x2
gelenduo x2
harvest x1
zeta reticulent x1
necro gardner x1
gorz x1
ls ehren x1

honest x1

shining angel x3

shinato x1 super
herald of perfection x3 ultra
herald of perfection x1 ghost gold
ruin queen of oblivion x2

gaya x1 super
anchent sacred wyvern x1 ultra
laval the grreater x2 secret
laval stennen x3 secret
lavalval dragun x2 secret
lavalval dragon x2 secret
stadust x1 secret
vylon delta x1 secret
vylon alpha x3 secret
vylon sigma x1 secret
black rose dragon x1 secret
red archfiend dragon x1 secret
avenging knight parshath x1 secret

gachi gachi x1 super
utopia x1 ultra
dark mist x1 ultra
lavalval ignus x2 secret
daigusto pheonix x2 secret
gemknight pearl x1 secret
wind up zenmaister x1 secret

vylon material x2 super
lightsworn saber x1 super
vylon element x2 super
preporation of rights x3 super
one for one x1 super
painfull chaice x1 super
card distruction x1 super
monster reincarnation x2 ulti and ultra
sanctuary in the sky x3 super
valhala x3 secret
light of redemption x3 super
enemy controler x2 ultra
burial from a different dimention x1 ultra
solar recharge x3 ulti and ultra
charge of the light bregade x1 secret

beconing light x2 super
breakthough skill x1 ultra
miraculous decent x1 ulti
royal decree x2 hobbie


Zenmains x1
lavia the Sea dragon x1
mist worm x1
catastor x1
tour guide x2
pot of duality x2
tragodia x1
dark armed dragon x1
djinn maistroke x1
agent earth x2
agent venus x3
hyperion x2
kristya x1
brakthrough skill x2
effect veiler x3
gorz x1

solemn warning x1
dimentional prison x2
scrap dragon x1
acid golem x1

main interest is gathering resources as I just got back into the game after selling most of my stuff like a year and a half ago so looking for sychros, xyz, trade materiel cards and fairy's for collection that I don't have. would prefer the lowest rarity except for collection.

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trade list jascha
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