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 Flying Pigs, Donuts of Doom, and Dragons of the Dark World: CPT Regional Report

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PostSubject: Flying Pigs, Donuts of Doom, and Dragons of the Dark World: CPT Regional Report   Mon May 21, 2012 6:32 pm

already that time of the year!
By the title, you've probably deduced that I'm playing a Dark World deck. But not just your ordinary Dark World deck...
I had a choice between Dark World Turbo or, something new, and different, something only around 4 people knew about because I play tested it the day before.... I'm ofcourse talking about Dark World OTK/FTK. The decision of playing DarkWorld OTK over the Turbo deck was only decided the morning before regionals. The decision was made on the basis that all my OTK/FTK decks did quite well (FrogFTK and EmptyJar) and the fact that I usually play decks of my own creation (the previous year, I played PlantZombie, before they won a YCS).
Considering most people don't know what a DarkWorld OTK deck looks like, here's the list:
3 Grapha
3 Snoww
3 Broww
2 Malefic Stardust
1 AGGadjiltronDragon
3 Advance Draw
3 Upstart
3 Into The Void
3 Trade In
3 Gates of DW
1 Geartown
3 DWdealings
2 Hand Destruction
2 Terraforming
1 Card Destruction
1 Allure Of Darkness

1 Magical Explosion
1 Life Equaliser
1 Wall of Revealing Light.

Many of you probably know the goal of the deck after seeing the trap line up, however if you don't know, ill be doing a Deck of The Week soon, as this made my week!
I open my booster pulling nothing really. So I decided to ask people for their Butens (a common) the picture was so stupid, I couldn't resist but to get as many of them as I possibly could.
Round 1:
Sandro (Wind Up)
We play each other every tournament, so it was no surprise I would play him.
Game 1: I think I went first but failed to OTK. He won.
Game 2: I OTK him.
Game 3: I sided out the otk for a standard DW deck. We trade sharks for torrential, zenmaity for bottomless. Eventually I stand with a big monster and beat him down.

Round 2:
Shuaib (SixSpam)
Game 1: OTK
Game 2: I fold, I wasn't planning to win most game 2s anyway.
Game 3: OTK'd.

Round 3: Bevan (MachinaGadget)
Game 1: OTK'd
Game 2: Yellow gadget scratches my life a couple times until I concede.
Game 3: He opens poorly and Malefic Stardust chomps at his life.

Round 4: Uqail (Dark World)
Game 1: OTK fails.
Game 2: I was forced to use a dealings to continue the OTK, but he draws Silva off my dealings, causing me to lose.

Round 5: Kevin (MachinaGadget)
Game 1: OTK
This match was turning out to be really fun. We spent the whole 3 games singing "We are Young" by Fun.
Game 2: Ironically, I get OTK'd.
Game 3: OTK.

Round 6: Muneer (Inzektor)
Game 1: OTK fails.
Game 2: OTK.
Game 3: I side into DW. I do damage with trance archfiend and grapha. He Doom Dozers and attacks my Trance (while gates is up) use Trance to add snoww. Grapha and Snoww take him down.

After swiss, I went 5-1.
Top 8 was as follows:
1. Uqail (5-1, Dark World)
2. Mutaalib (5-1, Chaos Dragon)
3. Alex (Me, 5-1, Dark World OTK)
4. Dax (5-1, Inzektor)
5. Yannick (4-2, Ninja variant)
6. Munneer (4-2, inzektor)
7. Taariq. (4-2, Malefic)
8. Achmat (4-2, Chaos Dragon but more dragon than chaos)

Top 8: Muneer, yet again.
Game 1: I don't remember this all too well, but I think I OTK'd him.
Game 2: Game 2 was his, Zectaliber/Hornet/DragonFly.
Game 3: I OTK'd him, but he tried to stop the Wall of Magical Life Explosion with 2 MSTs. I insisted it was unstoppable via MST, and Uqail backed me on that.

Wow... Top 4... With a fun deck. I'm glad I made the right decision on what to play.
I was extatic at this point.

The Top 4 were as follows:
Alex vs. Mutaalib
Achmat vs. Taariq

Top 4: Mutaalib Gaffoor.
I win the die roll.
Game 1: The OTK failed. As soon as I drew the combo with only 9 spells in grave, I knew it was his game.
Game 2: The OTK failed. Drawing into the combo too early caused me to lose this game and the Match.
My Result 6-2.

Finals: Mutaalib Gaffoor vs. Taariq Hassiem.
I, unfortunately, didn't catch much of this game.
But the winner was........ Taariq Hassiem!
Congratulations to both Taariq and Mutaalib!

Overall, a great day. Top 4'd with a deck that I thought of, with very little testing.
I may of pulled nothing special but, I'm happy with the unusual cards I got. And, typical me, I will put Buten and Doom Donuts to good use!

Before I went home, I made sure I got my hands on a couple more copies of Buten, the picture was so ridiculous I had to get as many as possible.
Next, I went after another common - Doom Donuts.
"But, why would you want doom donuts?" they asked.
I answered simply - The Name: Doom Donuts. C'mon... Doom Donuts.
I also went after some Butterspy things, solely because "Butterspy" sounds cool.

Special Thanks:
Uqail for organising our venue and running the Regional.
Yannick for the Malefic Stardusts.
Dax for the Into The Voids
Charné for taking our photos
And any other individuals and the general community for making it a great day!

I'm going to start posting Decks Of The Week and My Two Cents regularly from now on so be sure to give 'em a read!
Til Next Time - FrogSage
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PostSubject: Re: Flying Pigs, Donuts of Doom, and Dragons of the Dark World: CPT Regional Report   Mon May 21, 2012 8:10 pm

ok i would like to get a thanks for RUNNING the tournement! not uqail! me me me!!!! mwah
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Flying Pigs, Donuts of Doom, and Dragons of the Dark World: CPT Regional Report
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