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PostSubject: WOWOWOWOWOW   Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:55 pm

Round 1: Uqail Abrahams (Machina Gadget)

Game 1:

I get early control from a a Laggia, and he has to use one too many cards to get rid of it. He doesn't get to summon a Machina Fortress.

Game 2:

This was probably the best game of the tournament. I went through more than 3/4 of my deck and I even used Pot of Avarice, yet he was hanging on! The game was sealed when I set Solemn Judgment (he had a back-row) and I had Cyber Dragon in-hand. I passed and he summoned Utopia (which I had to Solemn). I drew and summoned a Guaiba, and that got the Bottomless, which meant I was free to summon Cyber Dragon and contact fuse for the game!


Round 2: Ethan ??? (Six Samurai)

Game 1: He goes full-out and there are only 3 vanilla monsters in my hand.

Game 2: Fossil Dyna does some work.

Game 3: He sees a Laggia for his first time and can't do anything.


Round 3: Alex Murie (Dark World)

Game 1:

He seems to get things going a little bit, but it slows down and I remove his only Grapha which he sees with Dimensional Prison. A Laggia the following turn sealed it.

Game 2:

He just never seems to be drawing into anything that he can do something with. I didn't even get an Evolzar monster on the field.


Round 4: Dax Watling (Inzektor)

Game 1: His Inzektor monsters seem to get going until I activate Smashing Ground and summon a Laggia to him almost top-decking.

Game 2: He doesn't really draw an answer to an early Laggia and can't do anything.


Round 5: Yasuichi Fujiwara (Inzektor-Wind-Up)

Game 1: I go first and summon a Dolkka and pass. He passes a few turns without doing anything and I keep attacking with my monsters. He finally draws an out and I Effect Veiler what he does.

Game 2: Same scenario. His deck just couldn't handle the Dolkka.


Top 8:

Mutaalib Gaffoor (Dino Rabbit)
Yasuichi Fujiwara (Inzektor-Wind-Up)
Uqail Abrahams (Machina Gadget)
Yannick Yang (Mist Valley???)
Dax Watling (Inzektor)
Timothy Challis (Six Samurai)
Sandro Viljoen (Wind-Up)
Wesley Williams (Skill Drain...)

Top 8: Wesley Williams (Skill Drain)

Game 1: I summon Rabbit = Solemn Warning. Summon Rabbit = Solemn Warning. Summon Rabbit = Solemn Judgment.

Game 2: He can't get over a 1900.

Game 3: He doesn't see monsters and I read his Starlight Road and play around it.

Top 4: Yannick Yang (Mist Valley)

Game 1: He locks me down and I can't get a monster on the field.

Game 2: I swarm and he can't handle 2 Laggia.

Game 3: He swarms and has 1 or 2 cards in-hand. In my hand I have: Dark Hole, Smashing Ground and Rabbit. I forfeit as I have to be somewhere.



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PostSubject: Re: WOWOWOWOWOW   Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:15 pm

Was a good game Mutaalib! Really wanted to finish that game too. Wish I could remember what cards I had except arcanite magician and the field card. I wasn't done swarming either with starlight road set Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: WOWOWOWOWOW   Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:47 am

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PostSubject: Re: WOWOWOWOWOW   

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