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 blackwing deck for trade/sale

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Niven Singh


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PostSubject: blackwing deck for trade/sale   Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:43 pm

Is anyone interested in my blackwing deck that im trading/selling .

3x bw bora the spear (rare)
3x bw blizzard the far north (common)
2x bw elphin the raven (rare)
1x bw shura the blue flame (rare)
1x shura the blue flame (super)
2x bw mistral the sliver shield( common)
1x bw zephyros the elite (ultra)
1x bw gale the whirlwind
1x bw kalut the moon shadow
1x bw jetstream the blue sky (ultra)
1x bw kochi the daybreak (common)
1x bw sirocco the dawn (common)
1x bw gust the backblast(common)

2x icarus attack( common)
2x delta crow anti reverse ( common)
1x blackwing backlash (common)

1x raptor wing strike (common)
1x black whirlwind (common)
1x against the wind ( rare)

extra deck
1x black winged dragon (ultra)
2x blackwing armor master (super)
1x blackwing sliverwind the accendant (rare)
2x blackwing armed wing

The deck comes with blue card sleeves and a blue deck box . If anyone is interested you can contact me at nivensingh34@ovi.com
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blackwing deck for trade/sale
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