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 Merry Christmas!

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PostSubject: Merry Christmas!   Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:29 pm

Hey guys! Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it and a Happy New Year’s to everyone! Hope you guys spend these two special occasions with the ones you love!

So what I got for you guys are two tournaments! Woohoo! Some excitement for you people who thoroughly enjoy reading tournament reports. It’s the tournament that was hosted on the 17th December and the tournament which was held today, the 24th December. No one needs to get bored as I have two decks which I used.

This first tournament was quite awesome. I don’t know why, but it just was. I never really know why people put what they did before a tournament, but for those of you who are interested: obviously I washed, because it’s disgusting if you don’t. I think morning exercise is essential for being healthy and having a good breakfast. Never mind the tournament. That’s a different thing, but having healthy stuff in general. So, as usual, I have to bring excess cards for other people to borrow. That’s what I do. I get to the tournament and don’t really trade, as nobody has anything that I want, or people just want too much from me. So I’m playing Plant Synchro in this tournament and this is how it went:

Round 1: Uqail Abrahams (TG Synchro)

Game 1: I play first and summon a Doomcaliber Knight and set a Solemn Warning and end. He sets a monster and a back-row and passes. I activated MST and he chained the target destroying my Solemn Warning with his MST. I attacked into a Snowman Eater and pretty much lost from there. But I do remember how we were both top-decking and I just couldn’t keep a monster or even draw one for that matter.

Game 2: I remember activating Dimensional Prison on his Thunder King and just exploding and he just couldn’t stop me from doing so. I think Maxx “C” put some work in.

Game 3: I opened into 6 monsters; 3 which were Tour Guide and 1 which was a Sangan. Needless to say that I lost the game and the match.

Great! So I wasn’t off to the best of starts and I think it was my first time losing my first round in these last
6 months – second time this year! 


Round 2: Ting-Wei Yang (Blackwings)

Game 1: Maxx “C” gives me the upper hand and too much advantage via Blizzard and I end-up using Trishula for the win.

Game 2: I only drew Spore and Glow-Up Bulb as my monsters – needless to say that I lost that game.

Game 3: Once again Maxx “C” put some work in and once again via Blizzard. But this time he went into Brionac in order to get rid of my Trishula. But on the following turn I summoned Trishula again and won from there.


Round 3: Zain Salie (Machina Gadget)

Game 1: I remember he goes full-out thinking he can do enough damage to finish me off, but he miscalculated (yeah, math!). I end-up activating Dark Hole and summoning Trishula for the win.

Game 2: He once again goes full-out and he has a face-up Rivalry of Warlords. He makes the mistake of attacking my Tengu first and is then forced into wasting an attack on my Dandylion and he doesn’t press through more than one direct attack thanks to the tokens. He set 1 and ended. I summoned Cyber Dragon to which was promptly removed via Bottomless Trap Hole. I summoned a second one and had a 6k Chimeratech Fortress on the field. I activated MST on his Rivalry of Warlords and won in the turn.


Awesome. Finished 4th after Swiss though, not feeling bad about going into the top 8.

Top 8:

Jason Williams (GK)
Alex Murie (Frogs)
Zain Salie (Machina Gadget)
Mutaalib Gaffoor (Plant Synchro)
Wesley Williams (Piper)
Timothy Challis (Piper)
Uqail Abrahams (TG Synchro)
Ting-Wei Yang (Blackwings)

Top 8: Wesley Williams (Piper)

Game 1: He just couldn’t summon a monster until Piper came along. I never wasted too much resources on what he had and just exploded with Librarian and many more thanks to One for One on Dandylion.

Game 2: Similar story. I read the Gorz and Maxx “C” before and then Caius the Gorz giving me the win soon after.


Top 4:

Jason Williams (GK)
Alex Murie (Frogs)
Timothy Challis (Piper)
Mutaalib Gaffoor (Plant Synchro)

Top 4: Jason Williams (GK)

Game 1: I’m in more control than what he is over the game until he top-decks a Royal Tribute which costs me 75% of my hand.

Game 2: Necrovalley never seems to be active thanks to Dust Tornado and MST. He also draws pretty-badly. (Yugioh buddy).

Game 3: He is in control of the game; however an MST puts in some work and he just couldn’t keep board presence…oh yeah…Wind-Up Zenmaines put some work in, too.


Final: Alex Murie (Frogs)

Game 1: So much control thanks to Maxx “C” and he just couldn’t get around my Tengu fast enough and I synchro summoned Trishula for the win.

Game 2: Opened all monsters against a Vanity’s Fiend.

Game 3: He summoned Caius and has a Swap Frog on-field. I activated Effect Veiler on his Caius, saving my Torrential. He attacked and next turn I summoned Trishula and just won from there.


Woohoo! My first tournament win in a few weeks, or since exams. Came 2nd a few times.

On to the next tournament! So then again today I just woke-up and did the same stuff that I did last week. Got to Yugioh and did one trade, except for selling of course. Not playing my Sneak Peek mat anymore and instead go for my Nats 2011 one! Yeah. Again, I brought cards for people. Awesome. Playing Dark World today.

Round 1: Wesley Williams (Piper)

Game 1: I don’t really want to explode on my first turn so I allow him to waste resources. I remember going for a push thanks to Dragged Down and discarded his Battle Fader, but guess what! He drew another one! While I had: Leviair, double Grapha and a Snoww! I knew he had Storm and Dark Hole but knew I could play out of the situation. In the latter stages I knew he couldn’t stop anymore attacks so just exploded again summoning 3 Grapha this time!

Game 2: Pretty much the same thing since this deck is awesome. But I had Spirit Reaper and Rivalry of Warlords face-up. He couldn’t get rid of Reaper and Rivalry. He managed to get it though via Creature Swap so more stalling followed. Then I just waited and drew my Grapha and Storm. I won shortly after thanks to Dark Armed Dragon. Even a Black Luster top-deck wasn’t enough to save him!


Round 2: Yaseen Sha (Frogs)

Game 1: So he opens semi-badly and can only set a back row and a monster. I quickly Grapha the back row and get Leviair out and manage to get Grapha on the field. (Yugioh buddy).

Game 2: Vanity’s Fiend can’t stop Grapha’s effect neither can Consecrated Light. I once again summon Leviair and Grapha.


Round 3: Uqail Abrahams (Chaos)

Game 1: Deck was insane. He opened into double Warning, Effect Veiler, Caius, Dimensional Prison, Smashing Ground and I don’t know what else. Trap Dustshoot and Mind Crush and Leviair backed by a Grapha wins games.

Game 2: I Mind Crush 3 Chaos Sorcerer. Needless to say I won.


Top 8:

Mutaalib Gaffoor (DW)
Uqail Abrahams (Chaos)
Zain Salie (Machina Gadget)
Alex Murie (Frogs)
Dax Watling (Macro)
Yasuichi Fujiwara (TG Agents)
Yaseen Sha (Frogs)
Jason Williams (GK)

Top 8: Jason Williams (GK)

Game 1: I opened incredibly broke. Managed to have a Leviair and a Grapha first turn and a set Trap Dustshoot and Mind Crush. I win when he folds in his opening turn.

Game 2: He had control thanks to Royal Tribute. I remember him having a Recruiter and Spy face-up and a set card to which I destroyed thanks to Dust Tornado. I managed to get Leviair and Grapha out and he folded next turn again.


Top 4:

Mutaalib Gaffoor (DW)
Yaseen Sha (Frogs)
Yasuichi Fujiwara (TG Agents)
Dax Watling (Macro)

Top 4: Dax Watling (Macro)

Greaaaattt. My worst match-up.

Game 1: He activated Dimensional Fissure and set 4 back row cards. Later which I discovered to be Macro Cosmos, Dark Bribe, Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Warning. Really? Guess what I opened into: Double Grapha, double Snoww, Dark World Dealings and Dragged Down. I still put-up a fight though! Never give up! I eventually drew MST, but he had the Dark Bribe and another Macro Cosmos.

Game 2: My deck does what it does and I get Leviair with Grapha and swarm a few turns later.

Game 3: He just can’t keep up with the pace. He had Macro Cosmos which I activate MST on. Magic Drain on his Dimensional Fissure. Morphing Jar put in a lot of work.


Final: Yaseen Sha (Frogs)

Game 1: My deck just swarms and there’s nothing his deck can do about it.

Game 2: Really great game! We both get our decks to really few cards left – him on 4 cards and me on like 8. He gets Gachi Gachi out but loses it and then Vanity’d Fiend but loses it. I remember him activating Shadow Imprisoning first turn, but I got around that. Then I see Morphing Jar and set it. Best way to win a game, most awesome way to win a final! I drew and activated Storm and just flipped Morphing Jar to win the game, match and tournament!


Final Record: 11-1

Awesome is awesome, especially after losing my only match to Uqail Abrahams last week and my opening match, too!

Watch this space for awesome articles on how to better yourself!

Never Give-Up!
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Merry Christmas!
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