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 Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek!

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PostSubject: Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek!   Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:58 pm

This type of tournament is held every time a booster is released. We have been having these tournaments since Extreme Victory. So before this tournament we have had two of these tournament-types. In the first one I managed to go 5-0 and lost-out in semi-finals to Machina Gadget. In the second one I went 4-1 and we split in finals. So thus far I have been doing reasonably well and felt confident in the deck I was going to play – Plant Synchro. For those of you whom don’t know how this specific tournament works, I’ll break it down for you:

- Each entrant receives two boosters and an Alexandrite Dragon
- With each win comes a booster
- BYE counts as a win which means a booster
- No additional booster(s) for semi-finalists and finalists
- One sneak peek mat goes to the winner and one gets given-out to 2nd.
- Entry is R150

I’m not going to bore you with pre-tournament duties and instead just dive into the tournament itself:

Round 1: Junaid Cariem (Dark World)

Game 1: He mangages to get two Grapha out and there’s nothing I can really do, especially with a Gates on the field and a Deck Devastation Virus pretty-much sealed the game, even though I tried to put-up a fight with Colossal Fighter.

Game 2: Thunder King puts-in some work and D.D. Crow on Grapha works-out. Gates never seems to work thanks to MST.

Game 3: I ride Shadow Imprisoning and Reborn Tengu to victory, and a Card Destruction on my two useless Tour Guide assures me the victory.


Round 2: Sebastian (Zombies)

Game 1: He’s new to Yu-Gi-Oh as he plays Magic instead. I manage to summon Thunder King and destroy Pyramid Turtle leading him to fetch Vampire
Lord. I get rid of it next turn and he doesn’t draw anymore monsters.

Game 2: I Trishula him and know he has a Gorz in-hand. I summoned Black Rose Dragon, switched Battle Fader to attack, he took 2400 and my Formula Synchron finished the game.

Round 3: Yasuichi Fujiwara (TG Agents)

Game 1: He manages to get rid of my first Tour Guide and I summon another fetching Sangan and fetching Maxx “C” with Sangan’s effect after destroying Earth. He summoned Venus and I Maxx “C” and it was all downhill from there. He also activated Solemn Judgment on my Heavy Storm, costing him too much in the end.

Game 2: Couldn’t draw a monster to keep on the board and I end-up taking a few hits from a 2400 Venus.

Game 3: Thunder King puts-in some work and Scapegoat and Enemy Controller put-in some work in the latter stage of the game.


Round 4: Taariq Hassiem (Agents)

Game 1: I Maxx “C” his Venus and get rid of it next turn only to have him draw another the following turn and I couldn’t keep board presence after that thanks to a Kristya drop.

Game 2: He opens pretty badly and I opened okay. I manage to keep Thunder King on the field and he can’t get over it quickly enough.

Game 3: Opened double Maxx “C”, double Caius, Scapegoat and something else and he opened broke. Needless to say I couldn’t do anything.


Round 5: Ting-Wei Yang (Blackwings)

Game 1: I get an early Maxx “C” in and draw too many cards, giving me a good enough hand to battle out of the Synchro-heavy situation and he loses too many cards thanks to Enemy Controller on my end.

Game 2: I know he has a Dark Armed Dragon in-hand (thanks to Pot of Duality) and he can’t summon it. I Trishula too many cards and when I activated Maxx “C” to draw two cards thanks to Gorz and activate Enemy Controller to take his monster and synchro with it the victory was sealed.


Top 8 Standings:

1. Taariq Hassiem – Agents
2. Mutaalib Gaffoor – Plant Synchro
3. Yasuichi Fujiwara – TG Agents
4. Irshaad Parker – TG Agents
5. Yaseen Sha – Frogs
6. Uqail Abrahams – TG JunkDoppel
7. Shuaib Cariem (Six Samurai)
8. Achmat Hassiem (Scraps)

Top 8: Shuaib Cariem (Six Samurai)

Game 1: I Maxx “C” and gain too many pluses and he can’t recover especially after I take his field away on my first turn.

Game 2: Don’t get anything going and cannot keep board presence and he just keeps summoning monsters.

Game 3: I drew one of the worst hands: Glow-Up, 4 traps and foolish. I get Formula Synchron and draw another trap and set it along with the rest. He then activates Gateway and United but I keep the monsters off the field for 3 turns with all of my Solemns. I then draw a monster – Reborn Tengu and get Catastor and from thereon I gained pluses.


Top 4:

1. Taariq Hassiem (Agents)
2. Mutaalib Gaffoor (Plant Synchro)
3. Yasuichi Fujiwara (TG Agents)
4. Yaseen Sha (Frogs)

Top 4: Yasuichi Fujiwara (TG Agents)

Game 1: Tour Guide into Sangan destroys his Earth and I get Veiler. I have BLS for my first time in the tournament and stop Venus and summon it next turn. He then manages to get Scrap Dragon out and another monster, but loses too much advantage. I then Dark Hole and have the victory from there

Game 2: He is forced to waste many cards on the destruction of my Catastor. I Scapegoat and gain too much advantage via Librarian and then keep his monsters off the field.


Finals: Yaseen Sha (Frogs)

Game 1: I open pretty badly with 2 Maxx “C” and draw worse when I draw my second Tengu. I can’t get rid of his Light and Darkness quickly enough and Gachi Gachi puts in some work.

Game 2: Once again, I opened with 2 Tengu and all monsters. He summons Vanity’s Fiend and I try to get it off the field, but can’t. Soon lose after that.

Was an awesome tournament, and like most duelists, I would have liked to have won. But thanks to Uqail I got a mat as well! My first mat in Cape Town!

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PostSubject: Re: Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek!   Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:29 pm

Well done bra!
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Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek!
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