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 New Format!

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PostSubject: New Format!   Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:36 am

So I went on a camp on Thursday, Friday and came back at 11:30am on Saturday. All this time I was thinking that I wasn't going to play in the tournament, as it would be too late by the time I arrived back in Cape Town. I phone Uqail and ask him to hold the tournament off until 12:15pm. I wanted to play as it was going to be an intense next month and wouldn't know if I would be able to go again for the month. He gives me the thumbs up. Pity, though, as there is major traffic. I still manage to get home at about 12pm. Make my deck, and I'm at the location at about 12:25pm.

First tournament of the new format!

Round 1: Faeek Peck (Monarchs)

Game 1: So now that Uqail tells me just before I play him that Sangan and Tengu's effects don't work with XYZ, I'm thinking what a useless deck now. Faeek just manages to continue monarch presence and I just can't keep up.

Game 2: Mask of Restrict does way too much.

Game 3: He gets rid of my Mask of Restrict before it even gets flipped. I have a Pulling the Rug, though and just manage a Trishula play!


Round 2: Wesley Williams (Machina Gadget)

Game 1: I remember him summoning a Machina Gearframe, set 4 and passed. I summoned Tengu and set Torrential and passed. Next turn he summoned a gadget and I chained Torrenetial. He obviously had Starlight Road, but it wasn't activated. I followed-up with a Breaker, but that got Trap Hole'd(?). I Mind Crush Machina Fortress and he has a Force to return it! I then activated Storm, he chained Starlight and I chained MST to his last back-row! I got Envoy out and won!

Game 2: This was muuuch different. He summoned Gearframe and set 1 as his opening. He ended with like Machina Fortress and Solidarity. I activated Storm and Envoy came out again!


Round 3: Yaseen Sha (Fairies)

Game 1: Was intense, but he managed to keep field presence, while I just couldn't.

Game 2: I rememeber him having no monsters when he needed to deal 1000. I had Tengu and just kept attacking.

Game 3: Envoy is too good for this game. Puts in some work, but mainly Dark Armed Dragon, Cyber Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer!


Round 4: Taariq Hassiem (Fairies)

Game 1: Archlord Kristya when I had Envoy in my hand.

Game 2: He draws into a Shine Ball. Not good.

Game 2: Envoy and Storm put in work.


At this point, I was the only one undefeated.

Round 5: Uqail Abrahams (Piper)

Game 1: I won. He had Envoy.

Game 2: He had Envoy and Creature Swap got mine.

Game 3: He summoned Envoy, but I followed-up with mine!


Top 8:

Mutaalib Gaffoor (Chaos)
Taariq Hassiem (Fairies)
Yaseen Sha (Fairies)
Uqail Abrahams (Piper)
Zain Salie (Six Samurai)
Bevan Muller (Blackwings)
Jason Smith (Machina Gadget)
Faeek Peck (Monarchs

Faeek didn't show.

Top 4: Uqail Abrahams

Game 1: Dark Armed Dragon puts in some work.

Game 2: He gets Storm on my 2 Solemn Warning.

Game 3: I have like 10 cards to his 7. Gets down to me having Gorz, Cyber, Trap Dustshoot and Dark Hole. He has Tengu and Sangan. Sangan gets Kinka-Byo and he makes Formula after all his Tengus were gone. He makes Fortress Dragon and passed. I attack over it with Gorz and set Breaker. I was on incredibly low life. If he summoned a monster and got Creature Swap or Chaos Sorcerer I would be out. He draws and I Trap Dustshoot Thunder King away, but his top-deck was Dark Hole. He won with a summoned Thunder King two turns later as I drew Solemn Warning twice. Great.

Go home and am pretty happy with my outcome. Was tired and did a lot of work on camp. To come back and not even take a break and do as well as I did felt good.
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New Format!
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