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 GENF Mass Tournament!

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PostSubject: GENF Mass Tournament!   Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:53 pm

So today we had a tournament where every time you won a match, you would receive a booster. As well, with entering, you would get a booster. 17 people entered, if I remember correctly and this was the last tournament before the next format!

Round 1: Daniel - Machina Gadget

Game 1: He doesn't draw a Gadget, but still manages to summon a chain of monsters: Machina Gearframe and Machina Fortress, Cyber Dragon and Machina Peacekeeper. I do what my deck does best: gain advantage. I double Trish him and he cannot make a comeback. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon helped a bit.

Game 2: He starts aggressively: he summons 2 Machina Fortress. I managed to get rid of the one, then remember a late-game Trish sealed the deal for me. Cyber Dragon into Chimeratech Fortress Dragon helped once again.


Round 2: Dax (Dax11) - Piper

Game 1: He just doesn't seem to be doing anything and I make an aggressive play and win.

Game 2: I opened into a hand that I could do nothing with. Didn't expect to win.

Game 3: Cyber Dragon got summoned on his end of the field, and I managed to Formula Synchron and then Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. Won shortly after.


Round 3: Bevan - Quickdraw

Game 1 and 2: I remember he manages to get Drill Warrior out once and then again. But when he attacks into Ryko, he loses that advantage. A Trish in game 2 seals the deal.


Round 4: Uqail Abrahams (dragonite) - Piper

Game 1 and 2: Made a few good moves, but it's not enough to withstand 2 D.D. Crows and 3 Effect Veiler. Creature Swap put in some work, too.


Round 5: Achmat Hassiem - Scraps

Game 1: Scrap Dragon comes out, but so does my Trish. Card is broke.

Game 2: Pulling the Rug and D.D. Crow put in some work.


Top 8: Achmat Hassiem - Scraps

Game 1: I lose this. Open into: Spore, MST, POD, MST, Trunade, Warning.

Game 2: Trish puts in some work.

Game 3: Double Pulling the Rug.


Top 4: Wesley Williams - Six Samurai

Game 1: I lose. Herp Derp.

Game 2: I absolutely obliterate.

Game 3: He goes first. Summons Kageki and I chain Effect Veiler. I go and set Double Warning and Decree. Keep in mind that my opening was: Tytannial, 2 Warning, Decree, Spore then POD. I decree and Solemn Warning his Kagemusha then Kizan. End Phase Decree means I win.


We both get a booster in the final and go home.
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GENF Mass Tournament!
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